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Aliens as little green men? Knights and dragons? Pirates and peglegs? You know them, but what if they weren't always what they seem?

In this point-and-click, choice-based puzzle adventure, you'll solve cases as a quirky detective and his super spy partner through stories you think you've seen before! Change from a cast of characters and play through different missions to get the full picture! Make different choices! Uncover the final ending underneath by breaking stereotypes and learning to look past them! Flip the script and discover the true meaning of Stereotypical!

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Episode 1: Alien Invasion

Join the dynamic duo of Detective Latte and Monica Mocha on a mission around the town of Arabica to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the town's cows! What sort of aliens have come to the planet? Do they have nefarious plans or is something greater afoot...?


Meet the Cast

What makes this game so great?

We're so glad you asked! The students, HANDS DOWN.

Senior Software Engineering students under the direction of Dr. Douglas Selent have been developing this game in collaboration with Clopas. They’ve been working hard for TWO semesters, mastering their skills, and have something to show for it. So now it’s our turn to make sure this game becomes a reality.

Software Engineering students

Let’s do this!

Clopas will be starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project and make this game a reality.

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